What is Flash Stamp?

1.   Flash Stamp IS A PRE-INKED STAMP. There is no need to use extra stamp pad and ink.

2.   Flash Stamp IMPRINTS IN THE QUALITY OF PRINT PRESS. Its legible even for the smallest font sizes as its produced with high technology.

3.   Flash Stamp IS ERGONOMIC. Its designed to apply a balanced pressure with a firm handle.

4.   Flash Stamp IS A MULTICOLOR STAMP. You can have between 1 to 5 variable color prints. As a result of experience gained in the world markets for many years, Flash Stamp can provide 5 different primary colors which are black, red, blue, green and purple. All the colors can be used in one stamp design at the same time.

5.   Flash Stamp IS DURABLE. The stamp mounts are manufactured from ABS type plastic to ensure shock-proof quality.

6.   Flash Stamp IS LONG-LASTING. Flash Stamp can perform 5000 to 25000 initial impressions without any quality loss if its used as explained in user manual.

7.   Flash Stamp IS ECONOMICAL. All you have to do is to divide the number of impressions to its price. Besides, no additional expenditure is required after the first invesment.

8.   Flash Stamp IS CONTINUOUS. Buy once and use for many years refilling over and over.

9.   Flash Stamp IS CLEAN. The stamp ink doesnt leak, smudge or dry out. The dust cover provides self-protection.

10. Flash Stamp OFFERS A WIDE RANGE OF SIZE. Flash Stamp has 23 different sizes. So it has  a wide variety for the users to choose the most convenient stamp size.

11. PRODUCTION TIME IS ONLY ONE MINUTE.  No supplemental material is needed like the ones used in photopolymer rubber system stamps. Hence, the stamp making process and the time spent is very short.

12. Flash Stamp CAN BE REFILLED. Ink-refilling process is very handy, so you can fill easily and use for many years.

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